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(Elected 2021)

Bob Fuller

Bob Fuller has been a member of the RREC for well over 20 years and a member of SHRMF for over 10. During that time he has actively communicated the role of the Foundation to club members. He became a board member of the RREC in 2020 and one of his responsibilities is to try to bring the club and the Foundation closer together.  He will be helping to achieve that aim for the benefit of both organisations and especially those members of the Foundation who are also members of the club.  This will include providing continued and hopefully better access to the archives as well as making better use of the of the Hunt House and the artefacts to better promote the objectives of the Foundation.

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(Elected 2021)

David Towers

David Towers interest in Rolls-Royce & Bentley cars commenced when he attended the 1959 Earls Court Motor Show in London when the V8 engine was introduced. He has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for Rolls-Royce on aero engines.

David trained as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse qualifying in December 1976.

He joined the RREC in 1993 and was Chairman of the East Midlands Section for 13 years and on the Club’s main Board for a total of 5 years. David was on the Board of SHRMF in the early 2010’s and a Life Member.  He has been Chairman, Treasurer and committee member of many charitable and voluntary organisations. 

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(Elected 2021)

Graham Mead

Graham Mead retired in 2007 after being Chairman of a company established with his partner in Derbyshire in 1971 with regional offices in Tokyo and Washington.

For many years Graham has been a keen researcher into the early history and heritage of Rolls-Royce; over the last 30 years he has acquired a collection of Rolls-Royce motor cars dating from a 1904 10hp to a 2003 Goodwood Phantom.

Grahams ambition during his time on the board will be to facilitate research and in doing so give encouragement to authors.

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(Elected 2022)

Ian Hick

A Life Member of SHRMF, Ian Hick has previously been a member of the Boards of SHRMF and RREC and through his involvement has a good knowledge of the operations of both organisations and the strong relationship between them. Ian aims to encourage the working together of both organisations for the benefit of members.

Ian has previously acted as MD of a chain of retail shops and Finance Director of a Marketing Agency.

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Colin Phillpotts

Deputy Chairman 

(Elected 2021)

Dr Colin Phillpotts has spent an academic career in biomedical science progressing from Lecturer to Head of Department and diversifying within the university to eventually retire as Head of Programme Development and International Activities.

He will strive to enhance even further the public perception and memory of Sir Henry, preserve and increase the Royce archive and ensure that all its contents are readily available, particularly to those restoring these magnificent cars. The valuable asset that is the Hunt House and the unique relationship with the RREC must be maintained whilst progressing the charity with confidence into the 21st century.

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Alan Ferrier

Company Secretary 

(Elected 2021)

Alan Ferrier joined SHRMF as a Life Member in June 2014 at the RREC Annual Rally. He has been a Henry Royce supporter for about 70 years.

In 2004 Alan joined the RREC after purchasing a Silver Shadow II, then a Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, and now Silver Seraph, each of which has been his daily mode of transport.

As a Trustee of the Foundation he aims to uphold the fine traditions inaugurated by Sir Henry and to preserve the artefacts which preserve his great memory, and the archives of the Rolls-Royce Motor Co.

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John Neale


(Elected 2021)

John Neale was a director of a private company for over 30 years and for the last 22 years a proprietor of a small publishing company. He has been a Life Member of the SHRMF for many years and has supported the Foundation for most of his 42 year membership of the RREC. John's aim is to protect the Foundation and the Club and their relationship.

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Charles Tabor


(Elected by the Board July 2016)

In addition to managing his family’s 2000 acre farm in Essex, Charles has been closely involved in all aspects of the Foundation since its inception. Instrumental in the purchase, renovation and conversion of The Hunt House, he was Deputy Chairman of the Foundation under Frank Shaw and then Chairman until 2008 when the Peter Baines Wing was completed: he gave full support to the formation of the new limited company in 2012 and since then has continued to be a Director, constant supporter and major benefactor to the Foundation.

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