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Sir Henry Royce


Frederick Henry Royce



Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble.




The Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation was established in 1977 as a permanent centre devoted to the life and works of Sir Frederick Henry Royce, OBE, to his distinguished colleagues and successors, and to the advancement of engineering. Special emphasis is given to the encouragement and support of apprentices and young engineers, and in perpetuating Sir Henry's engineering philosophy - the pursuit of excellence.


Royce - a modest genius who always referred to himself as 'mechanic' -made a priceless contribution to the security of this country in time of war, and to its prestige and prosperity in the years of peace.


His engineering philosophy derived from this native genius, enhanced by largely self-taught skills and through selfless dedication in his search for perfection in all he strove to do. From his earliest brilliant successes in the infant electrical industry, which he joined in 1884, to his death in 1933 Royce uncompromisingly pursued his basic principle of establishing the best design, using the finest materials available, worked by the highest levels of craftsmanship. His constant policy was to do better than anyone else.


The long succession of superb motor cars from 1904 onwards and his great aero engines from the Eagle of 1915 are legendary.


Royce’s short lived partnership with Charles Rolls established in 1904 and terminating in the latter’s premature death in a flying accident in 1910, created the name Rolls-Royce.


The Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation is a charitable trust wholly dependent upon donations and support from the RREC. It is dedicated to the memory and engineering philosophy of Henry Royce, his colleagues and successors.


The Foundations positive objective is the perpetuation and encouragement of the engineering ordinance of Sir Henry. To this end the Foundation arranges exhibitions, open days and special events for institutions, societies and private groups. It holds a number of authoritative lectures a year and supports many annual awards, competition, prizes and training schemes where the pursuit of excellence is encouraged and can be identified. These include the Panasonic Trust Bursary Royal Academy of Engineers, the Queens Silver Jubilee Competition, the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Lecture, the Sir Henry Royce Trophy for the Pursuit of Excellence, the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Award, the Ministry of Defence Apprentice Medal, the Royal Midlander Open Design Award and the Engineering Council Young Engineer for Britain. The Foundation actively supports an ever widening range of awards, lectures, visits and training schemes, often in conjunction with the Engineering Council and its constituent institutions.


Visits to the Foundation by Clubs, Societies,Universities, Colleges, Schools and individuals interested in the Royce traditions are encouraged. They may be arranged with the General Managers office.


Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation Limited.

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